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Vivid imagery is a literary technique that effective writers use. It means to include all of the senses when describing something in a piece of writing. These senses are seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching. 

Any writer who wants to give the reader a full sense of what is being described will develop a clear description of a scene by incorporating the use all of these senses in the writing. By using all of the senses, the writer is allowing the reader to experience something instead of just being told about something. As a writer, you want to be able to create a scenario where the reader can feel that he or she is actually in the place you are describing. Having the reader experience the place can be accomplished by incorporating all five senses into the reading. For example, to describe a spring scene, the writer could allow the reader to hear the sounds of spring, to smell the spring air, and to feel the spring sunshine upon one's face. The reader should also be able to envision touching the spring flowers and seeing the sights of spring. Instead of just telling the reader what these are, the reader should be able to sense each of these characteristics being described.

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Writers that use the techinque of vivid imagery do so to tap into the senses and emotions of the reader. The language of vivid imagery forces the reader to create not only a mental picture of the words, but stirs a personal meaning within the readers' mind. The purpose of this techinque is to develop a 'relationship' between the story and the reader, the writer creates the image and the reader personally identifies with the image.

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