What are the vital messages to be drawn from the way Randy is saying goodbye to his kids through The Last Lecture?

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Randy Pausch delivers advice to his children and conveys messages to adults who deal with children and youth through his Last Lecture. In the process, his method of presentation communicates other lessons.

Pausch demonstrates the importance of being open to opportunities and willing to take a risk, even while dealing with the facts of a situation, from the beginning of his remarks.

If you look at my CAT scans, there are approximately 10 tumors in my liver, and the doctors told me 3-6 months of good health left. That was a month ago, so you can do the math...We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

Pausch emphasizes the value of a strong support system throughout his presentation. He recognizes coachs, employers, coworkers, and students who challenged him, pushed him, and taught him many lessons that he was able to internalize and apply to stretch himself and his activities further than he would have on his own. He illustrates the importance of this point as he acknowledges all the persons from his past who were present for the lecture.

He personifies the value of humor in his presentation. Pausch illustrated every point of his speech with appealing slides and humorous anecdotes, ways of teaching his lessons in an enjoyable and memorable format. He demonstrates the superiority of delivering information with humanity and good humor.