What does the visitor to the Three Jolly Bargemen want to communicate to Pip?

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In chapter 10 of Great Expectations, Pip sees Joe Gargery and Mr. Wopsle in conversation with a strange man at the Three Jolly Bargemen tavern. As he sits down next to Joe, he notices that there is something familiar about the stranger. For one thing, he has this habit of rubbing his leg that reminds him of the escaped convict he met on that cold, fateful day on the Romney Marshes. Then, the stranger pulls out a file and uses it to stir his drink. This file looks exactly the same as the one Pip stole from Joe's forge and gave to the convict to help him remove his chains.

As he rises from the table to leave, the stranger gives Pip some change wrapped in what looks like a piece of paper. But when Pip gets home that evening, he's astonished and delighted to discover that the piece of paper is actually some money—and a considerable sum of money at that. Perhaps this is the stranger's way of expressing gratitude to Pip for his much-needed assistance out there on the Marshes.

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