What is "A Village Cricket Match" by Archibald Gordon Macdonell about?i would like a brief explaination about this story . this is an extract from the book "England , Their England"  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To me, this story sounds a lot like PG Wodehouse and I think it is written for a similar purpose.  Wodehouse caricatured the rich elites of England's upper class.  Macdonell is caricaturing more middle-class types who live in small villages.  He does this by poking fun at their cricket match.

In his description of the match, Macdonell continually points out how bad the players are.  He mentions the men who are so old and cautious that they get at best a single out of a ball that should have scored more runs.  He mentions the batsman and his partner who get so confused that they both run for the same wicket.  He ends the game in a tie because both teams are so bad that this is the way it should end.

salvydali | Student

This story is written in the mock epic style and pokes fun at the English elite class and their leisurely life style.

The match itself is hilarious with a lot of situations which are really funny. To add to this, the language introduces subtle  humour. The characters are finely etched and each of them belies the obvious expectations that we have of them.

James Livingstone..the sound club cricketer is dispatched easily. Boone....with his Cambridge Blues plays such as execrable shot that all wonder at it, the namby-pamby looking, flannel-clad delicate looking man-Southcott- doesnt look like he could servive at the crease for long   but he plays so well that the bowles are frustrated and the urchins are in the seventh heaven of delight!!!

The match is such a serious affair that the bowler puts in efforts and looks like a combination of Vulcan and Venus Annadyomene. His last ball is a titanic effort. The rate collector tries all his tried and tested trick...to no avail!!!! the ending is hilariously befitting. Shakespeare Pollock plays it like baseball!!!