What views of Islam are portrayed in Disgraced?

The views of Islam portrayed in Disgraced range from Amir's perception of it as a harsh, backward, tribal religion to Emily's view of it as beautiful, complex, and inspiring. Other characters see Islam as the truth that is destined to purify the world or as a way for men to oppress and marginalize women.

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There are five characters in Disgraced, and each of them has a somewhat different view of Islam.

Amir is an apostate Muslim who sees Islam as barbaric and backward. He describes it as a religion created by and for a harsh, joyless desert people for whom life was suffering, and he thinks that it has no place in the modern world. However, despite holding this intellectual position, he still feels a visceral tribal affinity for Islam, which gave him a thrill of pride on September 11, 2001.

Emily is an artist who loves and is influenced by Islamic art. She sees Islam as a complex, fascinating, and beautiful faith.

Isaac is Jewish, and he appreciates Islam in much the same way that Emily does. He likes it partly because it does not have deep meaning for him, and he is able to appreciate its aesthetic qualities. He knows less about Islam than Amir and Emily and has not read the Quran.

Jory is an ambitious lawyer who has no connection to Islam, and she thinks of it as a misogynist religion that oppresses women.

Abe is a pious young Muslim who becomes increasingly radical over the course of the play. He sees Islam as the truth, the religion that is destined to conquer and purify the world.

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