What view of the future does Ray Bradbury describe in "There Will Come Soft Rains?"  

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At first glance, Bradbury seems to portray a positive view of the future. In his version of the future, people have an easier life because technology has taken over all of our domestic chores. The house, for example, provides wake-up calls, makes breakfast, takes care of security and even plays the inhabitant's favorite music at certain times in the day.

As the story progresses, however, this view of the future changes and becomes increasingly negative. We learn that technology has been used to cause atomic war, eradicating almost all of the entire population of Allendale. With the exception of the house, the family dog is the only survivor, but he is so sick with radiation poisoning that he soon dies.

It becomes clear, then, that the technological advancements made by humans are pointless if there are no humans left to enjoy them. By creating this bleak vision of the future, Bradbury reminds the reader to not be over-reliant on technology and to remember that technology has the power to...

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