What is Victor's motive in reanimating the monster in Frankenstein?  

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Victor, in Shelley's Frankenstein, is obsessed with life, death, and anatomy. After being belittled by his professors at university, Victor decides to study the sciences, instead of alchemy.

After Victor's recalling the death of his mother, his obsession deepens. His decides that he must master the concept of both life and death, of animation and decay. Victor decides to reanimate a corpse.

Victor recognizes the importance of science and the pursuit of creating something new in the scientific world. For him, to reanimate life, to do something that (tho this point) only women have been able to do would be groundbreaking. It seems that his ability to create (or reanimate life) would be two-fold in the scientific community: first, he will have done something no other has done to this point- bring back the dead, and second, he will have taken the ability to create life out of the hands of women. Scientifically, this is baffling.

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