In Frankenstein, what are Victor’s final emotions about what he has done?

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Victor's final emotions were basically a compilation of feelings about the horrible things that he caused by creating the monster. He was remorseful about the deaths of William, Elizabeth, and Clerval. He was also in a deep state of grief knowing that they were all wonderful and loving to him and, in turn, his creation destroyed them.

At this point in the novel Victor was ill and losing strength every day. We also know that Victor still wanted to take vengence on the creature and that he believed that one day he will gain enough strength to destroy it. This was his last wish. He had already come to terms with the fact that his life was coming to an end and that everything good about his life was destroyed. He also realized that he wasted his intelligence, his time, and everything that meant something to him because of his creation. In other words, Victor faced his mistakes.

In all, Victor is completely aware of the horrid turn that his life took. He also accepted responsibility for the deaths of his loved ones. He admitted also that it was his ambition what caused all his failure.  Above all, Victor was angry and maintained his focus on the destruction of the creature. Unfortunately, he will die still waiting to achieve this.

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