Great Expectations Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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What is the Victorian influence on Great Expectations?  Please give several examples (quotes too) of how the Victorian Influence is expressed in chapters 22-30 .

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In chapter 22, Pip makes his first real friend in London.  Herbert Pocket is revealed as the “pale young gentleman” he met at Miss Havishams.  He remembers having a fistfight with him.  Once they have talked, Herbert asks Pip to call him by his first name.

“With pleasure,” said he, “though I venture to prophesy that you'll want very few hints. I dare say we shall be often together, and I should like to banish any needless restraint between us. Will you do me the favour to begin at once to call me by my Christian name, Herbert?”

This is an example of a Victorian convention.  It was customary to be ever polite and formal until you got to know someone very well.  Herbert asks Pip to call him by his name, and anticipates that they will be able to be informal.  When they exchange first names, it is a big step in their friendship.

Herbert also reveals that he goes out to “look about him” regularly.  It was common for young...

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