What does Victor mean when he says, "'Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow,'" in chapter 4 of Frankenstein?

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Victor has tried to play God, has tried -- in fact -- to be like the Titan Prometheus, who stepped in to help his brother Epimetheus create humankind when Epimetheus mistakenly made all of the animals first, giving them all the "good" qualities (i.e. thick hide or fur to protect them, sharp teeth and claws to help them to eat, etc.).  Prometheus had to get creative to come up with qualities that would help us to be the best: he made us walk upright like the gods, and he gave us the fire that would help defend us from the cold and help us to cook the meat that our teeth could not otherwise chew.  Victor has tried to create a new human species, a species that he expected would "bless him as its Creator."  He wanted to perfect something that he saw as imperfect -- human frailty and fragility -- but he learned, too late, that human...

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