What do you think Vic sees at the end of Gaiman's "How to Talk to Girls at Parties" that upsets him so much?

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It could be suggested that Vic sees something out of the ordinary while making out with Stella. This is suggested because, as Vic and Enn leave the party, Enn sees the look on Stella’s face as she watches their sudden departure. In Enn’s words, Stella’s eyes are angry: she looks at them like an “angry universe” would. Also, “her clothes are in disarray” and her makeup is all smudged—clear signs that she and Vic had been “busy” before his wild exit.

The sudden change in Vic’s feelings for Stella, and the party in general, is kind of strange. Earlier on, Vic shows a lot of interest in Stella. He holds her hand while they dance, and walks around with his hand around her waist like he “owns” her. Even when he discovers that they are at the wrong party, he is still happy to stay on. When Enn asks whether they should leave (as they are at the wrong party), Stella “shakes her head” and Vic kisses her, then says, “you’re just happy to have me here, aren’t you...

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