What is a very short summary for the setting of Frindle?

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The setting of Frindle is Westfield, New Hampshire in the 1990's. 

Most of the story takes place in Lincoln Elementary School.  Westfield is a small town where not much happens.  This is one of the reasons the “frindle” word for pen spreads so quickly.  New Hampshire can be pretty boring, especially in the winter.  Nick wants to make everything more interesting, at school and around town, by creating the new word.  It even makes the town paper. 

Westfield was a quiet little town.  There was the occasional burglary, the teenagers got rowdy once in a while, and there was some shouting at the town council or the planning board now and then. (Ch 10, p. 57)

Since the town is so small, Mrs. Granger has had a huge impact on it.  She has taught many of the students, and has taught long enough that many of the adults in the town were once her students.  She is an institution.


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