What are Vasco Da Gama's achievements?

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Vasco da Gama was a successful Portuguese explorer. His most significant accomplishment was sailing from Portugal to India in 1497.  The Portuguese were looking for a water route to India. He left Portugal in 1497 and sailed south along the western coast of Africa. He rounded the Cape of Good Hope and headed along the eastern coast of Africa stopping in Mozambique, Mombasa, and Malindi before crossing the Indian Ocean and landing in India in 1498. When he returned to Portugal, he was viewed as a hero.

Vasco Da Gama had another voyage to India in 1502 in which he reached an agreement by using force with the ruler of Calicut and attacked Arab shipping interests. He also served as an advisor to the Portuguese government on matters dealing with India. He went to India again in 1524 to deal with corruption that existed in the Portuguese government in India. He got sick and died in December 1524.

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Vasco de Gama was an explorer of Portuguese ancestry. He was born in Sinnes, Portugal in 1460, the son of an explorer, and died of malaria in 1524, shortly after he arrived in India following his third voyage.

Due to the difficulty of traversing the overland route to India, it was important to Europeans to find a more proficient way to access the spices and riches of India. The overland route was a long, arduous journey fraught with the dangers of war and pillage.

In 1497, King Henry of Portugal commissioned Vasco de Gama with four ships, and sponsored a sea expedition from Portugal, around the Cape of Good Hope, and northward along the coast of Africa, across the Indian Ocean to Calcutta, India. The expedition was a success in that the ships reached India, but they had little to trade so were forced to return to Portugal; a journey which proved to be problematic. Many sailors were lost to disease, and the time it took to return to port was much longer than the original trip. Despite its shortcomings, the expedition was hailed as de Gama's greatest achievement.

Vasco de Gama made two more voyages around the Cape of Good Hope. The first was to demonstrate that the Portuguese navy was a formidable force against Arab ships. The second one was successful in reaching India but Vasco de Gama died of disease soon after arrival.

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