Wolf Hall Questions and Answers
by Hilary Mantel

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What values are in Wolf Hall?

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Wolf Hall is the first installment in Hilary Mantel's trilogy about English statesman Thomas Cromwell. He became one of Henry VIII's chief ministers and served the king until, like many of the king's advisers, he became discredited and was executed at the Tower of London in 1540. Mantel's novels seek to make Cromwell a hero and, unlike popular tradition, he is held in higher regard than Sir Thomas More, who was also executed by the king. Mantel reveals three important values displayed by Cromwell, including family, loyalty and compassion.

Despite the fact Cromwell was brutally abused by his blacksmith father as a boy he is quite a loving father. In the books opening scene he is kicked and beaten by his father. Cromwell, however, displays none of these traits with his two young daughters who he reads to and encourages to be well educated. In one particularly poignant scene, which proves as foreshadowing , one of his daughters is wearing angel wings. He is also a loving...

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