In "The Necklace," what values drove Mme Loisel desire a piece of jewelry and to go to the ball?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't think I would call them "values", but what drove her to wanting to go to the ball with a jewel to wear was her discontentedness with her life. She was probably in the upper middle class of society, but she was never looking at what she had in life, she was only looking at what others had that she didn't and it made her very unhappy. She begged her husband for a new dress and he gave her his savings for it. She begged him for a piece of jewelry and he told her to borrow it, which she did. She felt she simply could not go to a ball like this one and not appear to be richer than she was. She was hoping that she could live the life of the wealthy for one night, which she did, and then she learned the hard way to appreciate what she had, or at least one would hope she did.

kelly-killen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

MMe Loisel was a prisoner to the constraints of the time. Women were jewelry to be worn on the arm of a man. Whether you disagree or agree is not important. That is the context of the story in its historical perspective. Mme Loisel felt very pressured to perform. She did not have the means to equip herself because women were very dependant upon men, so the pressure to acquire "the tools" (the jewelry she needed to adequately adorn herself" fell upon her husband. The answer to your question: Be very careful to keep the historical time period in perspective. The value was self-esteem. She is no value to the world unless she is an adequate adornment for her husband.

neenahh | Student
  1. because she had a brand new dress and everything else she desired and if she didnt get it she wasn't happy,so in that case of matter she went to her high school friends to ask if she could borrow a piece of jewerly.....=]
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