What are societies' values "Farenheit 451"?

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In "Farenheit 451" society has succumbed to apathy.  They are isolated for the most part and spend most of their time watching the "walls".  They have burned all the books so that the government can tell them what to think.  They suffer from indifference and don't really care about each other, except to watch law-breakers be caught and killed on tv.  They are so closed off from what is going on in the world they don't even realize that they will be attacked.  Montag's wife is a perfect example of the ideal citizen.  She even turns her own husband in for having books hidden in the house. They are very passive and depressed.  When Montag calls the emergency in because his wife has taken too many pills the drivers tell him that they get 20 calls like that a night.

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