For what value of a is the remainder -3 when x^3–ax^2+5 is divided by (x-2)?Show step by step solution to explain the answer.

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If you divide `x^3-ax^2+5` by `(x-2)` , you would get.

`(x^3-ax^2+5)/(x-2) = x^2+(2-a)x+2(2-a)+ (5+4(2-a))/(x-2)`

The remainder is `5+4(2-a).`


`5+4(2-a) =-3`

`4(2-a) =-8`

`2-a =-2`

`a =4`


For `a= 4` , the remainder of `(x^3-ax^2+5)/(x-2)` is -3.