What Is the value of the number 2.25? How can this number be written as a fraction or mixed number

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Let us assume `2.25 ` as

`(2.25)/1 `

As 2.25 has two decimal places, we need to multiply both numerator and denominator by 100. By this, we can convert 2.25 as 225.


`(2.25)/1 . 100/100 = (225.00)/100 = 225/100 `

Reduce this fraction into its lowest terms. We get

`225/100 -: 25/25 = 9/4 = 2 1/4`

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This number is written in a decimal form, which is based on the number `10.` The leftmost digit `2` means just `2.` The next digit, `2` also, has `10` times less "weight" and means `2/10.` The next number, `5,` is at the one hundredth's place and means `5/100.`

The number is the sum of these values, i.e.



To add `2/10` and `5/100,` express `2/10` as `20/100` (multiply both numerator and denominator by `10`).

So `2/10+5/100=20/100+5/100=25/100.` This fraction may be reduced by `25` and is equal to `1/4.` And we got that the number `2.25` is the same as `2` and `1/4.`

It may also be written as an (improper) fraction. Because `2 =8/4,` `2+1/4=9/4.`


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