Logical Thinking Questions and Answers

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What is the value of critcal thinking to one's personal life?

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Critical thinking is important for our personal life because it allows us to think through the dilemmas that face us and do the best possible job of making good decisions.

Critical thinking forces us to look carefully at our thought process.  It forces us to think about what assumptions we bring to a question and how our answers might change if we changed those assumptions.  So, for example, imagine that you are about to finish high school and you are thinking about which college to attend.  You are likely simply assuming that going to college is the correct choice.  But why are you going to college?  It may be the right choice, but you should think it through.  Or you might be planning to get married and might be thinking about where to go for your honeymoon.  But do you really want to spend money on a honeymoon or would you rather have all of that money to help you get started on your life together.  These are examples of how critical thinking can encourage you to think about what assumptions you are making.  When you do this, you can make better decisions in your personal life.

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