What is the valence electron of iron 26?Iron is found in Group VIII in the Late Transition Metal

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Iron 26 has 26 protons, 29 neutrons, and 26 electrons.  The valence electrons can vary from -2 to +6, but the most common valence electron listings are +2 and +3.  This would mean iron two (Fe2) would have two electrons available to donate in its outer electron orbital, and iron three (Fe3) would have three electrons to donate in its outer electron orbital.  The most common forms of iron is that of iron oxides, the chemcial formulas of those are FeO and Fe2O3.  Iron oxide is more commonly known as rust.  The most common rust has a reddish-brown color, and flakes off the iron core easily.  Rust readily occurs on any object with steel in it that is left outside.  Water serves as a catalyst to accelerate the reaction.  Rust occupies more volume than does iron itself, so rust easily flakes off the underlying iron.  Iron is the fourth most common element on Earths surface, making up most of the inner and outer cores of Earths interior.

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Iron = 26 (atomic number)

General electronic configuration

1sˆ2   2sˆ2   2pˆ6   3sˆ2   3pˆ6   4sˆ2  3dˆ6

Transistion metal elements can have various valency

4s and 3d are the valency electrons for iron since they are the outermost shells

The two electrons from 4s shell and one electron from 3d can be removed.

when 2 electrons from 4s is removed iron posses +2 charge and when 2 electrons from 4s and one electron from 3d is removed it will give +3 charge

so based on this iron will have 2 and 3 as the valency electrons.