What are the uses of organic compounds?

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Organic compounds are those compounds that contain carbon. A large number of compounds that we see around us and use everyday are organic compounds. Here are some uses of organic compounds:

  • Food: almost all the food that we eat are organic compounds, whether they are plant-products or meat. Plants make organic molecules from photosynthesis and these are stored as fruits. We either eat them or the animals who survive on these organic molecules (and convert them to body mass in their own body).
  • Beverages: All the beverages (save water) that we drink (e.g., tea, coffee, milk, alcoholic beverages) are organic in nature.
  • Fuels: All the fossil fuels (petrol or gasoline, diesel, kerosene, coal, etc.) are organic compounds. Without these fuels, we would be practically unable to transport anything, since all the vehicles (even the electric cars obtain electricity,mostly from thermal power stations) run on fossil fuels. Similarly, most of our energy requirements are fulfilled by these compounds.
  • medicines: All the medicine that we use are organic compounds.
  • Beauty products: also contain organic compounds.

These are just some of the example applications of organic compounds. 

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