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Nanochemicals are chemicals generated by using nanomaterials, materials which have size on nanometer dimensions. The nanochemicals are used in a variety of applications, including chemical warfare, bicycle manufacturing, armor design and military weapons. The most commonly used and studied nanochemical is carbon nanotubes, that are used extensively in industry for applications such as stronger materials (stronger bicycles).

Smart materials are specially designed materials whose property/properties can be modified with the use of an external stimulus like temperature, stress, pH, etc. examples of smart materials include, shape memory materials, piezoelectric materials, ferrofluids, self-healing materials, etc. Applications include memory pillows, memory based solar panels for satellites, light sensitive glasses, etc.

Specialized materials are designed to perform a specific task or function. Applications include electronic equipment (high purity silicon and germanium), machine tools (high tungsten high carbon steel), dental filling (dental amalgam), etc.