What is the use of internal records available in marketing information systems?

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There are many uses for the sorts of internal records that are available in marketing information systems.  In general, these records are meant to help a firm understand how its marketing processes are and are not working.

The whole purpose of a marketing information system is to help a firm market its products better.  The system gathers large amounts of data and determines which of those data are most important and need to be conveyed to people who make decisions.  These data help the decision makers understand how their marketing is working.

Let us look at an example to see how this works.  One thing that a marketing information system would gather is records of sales invoices.  These invoices could help a firm know a variety of things that are related to marketing.  The invoices could tell the firm what amounts of what products are being sold to customers in various places.  They could tell what size of firms are buying the products.  They could tell which sales representatives are making the most sales.  All of these pieces of information could be useful to decision makers.

Thus, internal records can be useful in a variety of ways.  They can tell a firm many things about how its marketing is working.