Annie John Questions and Answers
by Jamaica Kincaid

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What is the use for quotes for the book Annie John?

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I assume you mean quotes that further the plot or provide insight.  Here are a couple to get you started:

Ch 2:  ""I was sure I could never let those hands touch me again; I was sure I could never let her kiss me again. All that was finished."

*Annie came home unexpectedly to find her parents making love and her mother touching her father.  She is repulsed and doesn't think she will ever allow her mother's "circling hands" to ever touch her again.  Annie feels as if her mother's sexuality has violated her personal relationship with her mother. 

Ch 5:  "What just deserts, I thought, for I did not like Columbus. How I loved this picture—to see the usually triumphant Columbus, brought so low, seated by the bottom of the boat watching things go by."

*Annie finds a picture in her school history book of Columbus in chains, after he has fallen out of favor with the Queen.  She is pleased to see he had met such a fate, as she view Columbus as a villian rather than a victor, since he brought colonization to Antigua, her home.   

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