Explain how the sense of "nationality" is evident in flags, songs, and parades in Animal Farm.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The overriding sense of nationality is fed through outward displays.  It is designed this way by pigs like Napoleon and Squealer.  They understand that the best way to avoid issues of questioning or criticism on the part of the other animals is to cloak the government in nationality in as many ways as possible.  The use of songs such as "Beasts of England" at first and then "Comrade Napoleon" is one such way that this nationality is evident.  The farm and the national identity of the farm is able to quell any potential voice of dissent, cloaking everything in the form of national identity on the farm.  Parades and outward processions such as the awarding of medals to Napoleon for his leadership are events in which nationality is evident.  The flag hoisted is one in which the farm is emphasized, an element in which animalism is demonstrative.  In this, nationality is used as a way to preclude anyone from asking questions or seeking to destabilize the leadership of the pigs.  This is something that is used by the leadership to ensure that the animals continue to adhere to Animalism, a form of it that would continue the hierarchy of power for the pigs over the other animals.  Nationality is thus an extension of their power over the other animals.