What is the use of arithmetic in daily life?

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I think the previous posts discuss very well the idea of basic arithmetic in daily life. I would also suggest that one of the critical uses of math on a daily basis is that it gives us a way to examine the world in which we live. One critical use of daily arithmetic is checking accounts online. With the threat of identity theft and online banking, it is critical to be able to possess an overall sense of basic arithmetic in such settings.

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So far today, I have used math in these ways:

1) Found out how much I make per month, given that I make so much a semester.

2) Found out how much unemployment I may get per month.

3) How long I talked to my mother on the phone.

4) Counted how many baby goats we have now and will have after all of the does deliver

5) Looked at the clock and told time

6) Calculated how long before dinner is ready and if the kids can have a snack

I'm sure that there are more. You use some basic math concepts continually and never even realize it.


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If you want to have a healthy life, and one in which you do not waste money, you use arithmetic all the time. Every time you go to the grocery store, you should be calculating which item of the several offered is the best buy. Is it the box of cereal that is 20 cents per ounce, or $3.00 per pound? Which type of frozen pizza is not only the best buy, but the one with the lowest percentage of saturated fat? If you need to replace the carpet in the living room, how many square feet do you need? When you go to buy, the price of some types is given in price per square foot, the price of others in price per square yard. How do you compare the two? Can you calculate the gas mileage your new car is getting? If you can't figure out elapsed time, how can you make sure you get to your appointments on time? When you are cooking, can you double a recipe? What are your actual chances of winning a lottery?

These are just off the top of my head; enotes doesn't really have a math reference section, but if you google "daily math uses", I bet you come up with a lot more!

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