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What us the molar enthalpy of Ba(SCN)2 (s) ? In a calorimeter 10.0 g of Ba(OH)2 8H2O (s) is mixed with 10.0 g NH4SCN (s). the equation is:  Ba(OH)2 8H2O (s) + 2NH4SCN (s) -> Ba(SCN)2 (s) + 10H2O(l) +2NH3 (g) The temperture starts at 25 celcius and drops to 4.56 celcius. The specifec heat capacity of the 1.560 L of water in the calorimeter is 4.187 J/g celcius. Calculate  the molar enthalpy of Ba(SCB)2 (s) produced.

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To calculate the molar enthalpy of Ba(SCN)2 first we have to get the moles of the BA(SCN)2 from the solution using stoichiometry.

1. Check if the equation is balanced. The equation is balanced.

2. Get the moles of Ba(SCN)2. Apply the limiting reagent method.

Ba(OH)2*8H2O + 2 NH4SCN = Ba(SCN)2 + 10 H2O + 2 NH3

10 g Ba(OH)2*8H2O x...

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