What is the US disarmament issue??  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To get a good answer, it would be better to ask a more specific question.  Are you talking about disarmament issues today or at some point in the past?  I will talk about the present because your question is in the present tense.

Right now, disarmament is not a very big issue for the United States.  The US does want other countries to engage in nuclear disarmament if (like North Korea) they have their nuclear weapons in violation of international agreements.  However, there is little talk of the US itself doing any real nuclear disarmament.  There has been an issue over cluster bombs and land mines.  The US has declined to participate in a treaty banning anti-personnel land mines and one that prohibits the use of cluster bombs.

During the later stages of the Cold War, disarmament was much more of an issue than it is now.