What is Urrea's main argument/message in The Devil's Highway?

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Luis Alberto Urrea's message is that the immigration system is broken and needs to be addressed on multiple fronts. He also makes it clear how tragic the fate of the men who died on the Devil's Highway truly is.

One thing that needs to be improved is opportunities for people to support their families in Mexico. They would never risk the dangers of illegal immigration if there was something there for them to work toward. He discusses the men who decided to make the trek to America to show what each needed that he couldn't get in Mexico.

Next, he shows that the coyotes need to be stopped. They're a type of organized criminal force designed to transport people illegally over the border. Their concern is profit over people; they're more than willing to leave people to die if need be. If law enforcement worked to stop the coyotes, lives could be saved. However, Mexican authorities are often paid by the coyotes.

Finally, the immigration system in the United States is something that Urrea feels...

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