What is the universal message of Murder in the Cathedral?

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Hello! 'Murder In The Cathedral' highlights the controversial enmity between King Henry II and Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Becket's eventual murder at the hands of knights loyal to the king propels him to the status of martyr. Even though Becket initially struggles with the idea of martyrdom for self-glory, he eventually comes to the conclusion that he would rather die in good conscience for the glory of God.

The universal message of 'Murder In The Cathedral' lies in the controversy between king and Church. Power corrupts absolutely, regardless of who wields the scepter of rule; therefore, the separation of church and state is an essential bedrock of true freedom. King Henry was well-known for his autocratic personality: he expected those he ruled to do exactly as they were told. He tolerated very little dissent (if any at all) during his rule. Becket was initially...

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