What are the unique aspects about Jonas's community in The Giver (by Lois Lowry)?

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There are many aspect of Jonas's society that make it different than anything we have ever experienced. 

First, Jonas's society is a place where there is an absence of war, pain, fear, and hatred. In order to accomplish this, society is engineered and people are made to follow the rules. But the oddest thing is that they want to follow the rules; in short, they are brainwashed. 

Second, at the age of twelve, members of Jonas's society are given an occupation. The elders of the society give roles, and the people receive them. This is very different than our world, where we choose. Choosing does not exists in Jonas's world.

Third, another unique aspect of Jonas's world is that people's perception is dulled. In fact, no one sees in color. Perception has been dulled to control everyone's minds. 

Finally, there is what is called a "releasing" in Jonas's society where "unwanted" people are discarded, even babies like Gabriel. In fact, this pending act drives the book, as Jonas escapes to save Gabriel. 

In short, this world, which seems perfect, is far from perfect.