What is unique about the Eoin Colfer's setting in Artemis Fowl?

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In Artemis Fowl, by Eoin Colfer, the original setting is Ho Chi Min City, or what is now known as Saigon, a city that was captured by the Communists during the Vietnam War. This might seem an unusual setting for this fantastical story.

Fairy life thrives in Ireland, and fairy stories and their history have their roots there, and of all the places in the world, the magic surrounding the world of the fairies is the strongest.

Eiriu is considered the origin of fairy life and traditions and where magic is most concentrated.

The dramatic high points of the story also occur here, so this is an extremely important place with regard to the development and movement of the plot.

Artemis kidnaps an elf (Captain Holly Short) who he hopes to ransom for money, as the family's wealth has been depleted. Artemis has all kinds of high-tech instruments, which he needs as the fairy world and its underground (LEPrecon) attempt to save Holly.

What is unique about the setting, of course, is that it is comprised of humans and fairies—the world of humans and the world of fairies are far removed from each other, with little crossing over. Each side has limitations regarding the other world. A good deal of the action takes place in the fairy realm, which provides a multitude of diverse characters that make this fantastical story much more interesting, while providing some unexpected surprises fro the unusual cast of characters.

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