What union organizations are fighting for their members impacted by COVID-19?

Union organizations fighting for their members impacted by COVID-19 include teachers unions and the players union for the National Basketball Association.

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Teachers unions are fighting for their members impacted by COVID-19. The New York City teachers union—the United Federation of Teachers—has battled New York City government officials to ensure that schools are as safe as they can be before in-person classes begin again.

In September of last year, the union threatened to strike if certain conditions weren’t meant. In the end, the government agreed to the union’s terms. The government inspected many of the city’s public schools for adequate ventilation, approved almost 250 plans for learning outside, and dispensed 324,000 iPads to assist with remote education.

In Baltimore, the teachers union—which is called the Baltimore Teachers Union—is also fighting for its members. Before Baltimore teachers return, the union wants ventilations upgrades, vaccinations for all school staff, and a dynamic and dependable testing program.

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), the players union—the National Basketball Players Association—is fighting for their members to be able to play basketball in a healthy environment without feeling like they’re being excessively constrained. To keep playing basketball games, the union agreed to stricter measures in January. These measures included wearing masks while on the bench, limiting contact between players from opposing teams, and prohibiting hotel guests when players are traveling with their teams in other cities.

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