What is the unifying force in a beehive?

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Every beehive is made up of three kinds of adult bees—workers, drones, and a queen. The jobs of the workers are to tend to all the needs of the queen and all the other bees. They are the bees that gather pollen and nectar for food, clean the hive, construct the honeycomb, tend eggs until they hatch, store the food they gather, feed the queen, and otherwise provide everything else the queen needs. The job of the drones is to mate with the queen to make sure that she will produce more eggs so that the hive will constantly replenish its aging and dying bees. The queen's job is to lay eggs that will produce more bees. If one is concerned purely about the physical portion of the hive and what all the jobs of the bees lead to, the answer would have to be that the driving force of a beehive is the queen because her job is to produce more bees, and, therefore, the workers and drones are present to care for her and to fertilize her eggs.

However, if one takes the answer from the physical level to the conceptual level, the most basic answer would have to be that the force that really unifies and drives a beehive is the concept that all the bees must work together to take care of the queen so that their hive will continue to grow in numbers and prosper in order for their population to divide and produce other colonies, allowing all bee populations to continue to grow and produce. The most basic driving force of all is the need to continue the life of the hive.

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The queen bee is understood to be the most important, unifying creature in a bee hive. She is usually the only mated bee in the hive and is the mother to most, if not all, bees within the hive. She is the one solely responsible for producing more worker bees to keep things running. She is also often larger than the average worker bee. Mutated and specially fed to become sexually mature, a queen truly is the mother and leader of the hive, and the worker bees do all of the work around the hive to keep her safe and healthy, because without the queen the hive will likely die. Overall, it is a delicate but organized ecosystem, and it is generally accepted that the queen is the one unifying force in a bee hive.

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