In Of Mice and Men, what uneasy feeling does George have about Curley's wife?

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When Curley's wife first enters the bunkhouse, Lennie is transfixed. He cannot help but staring at her and he later tells George that Curley's wife is "purty". The uneasy feeling comes after she leaves and George becomes enraged at Lennie. George is concerned because he thinks that Curley's wife will get them all into trouble. After Curley's wife leaves Lennie says "I don't like this place George." Her presence is given a negative connotation since Curley is constantly looking for her and accusing the men of the ranch for sleeping with her. Lennie picks up on this vibe.

In addtion, when in Crooks' room. Curley's wife insults Lennie, Candy, and Crooks; thus furthering this negative feeling

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