The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore

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What understanding does Moore achieve about his story and that of the other Wes Moore? What factor or factors does Moore emphasize as the most powerful in shaping the men's different paths?

Moore comes to understand that environmental factors play a key role in shaping lives, including those of the two Wes Moores. For example, Moore discusses how the public education system is an environment that can prime children for future engagements with the prison system.

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In nonfiction work The Other Wes Moore, Wes Moore describes the subtle differences, and often luck, that leads to great success or abject failure in life, specifically for at-risk urban youths growing up in poverty. The book examines the lives of two men named Wes Moore, one of whom is the author.

The narrator has grown up to become “a Rhodes scholar, a White House Fellow, a former Army officer” while the other Wes Moore is “a drug dealer, a robber, a murderer.” Both characters grew up in...

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