What are the unanswered questions in Saki's "The Open Window" that create suspense in the story?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Saki's "The Open Window" is the story of Vera ("a very self-possessed young lady of fifteen") and Frampton Nuttel (a man visiting strangers as part of his "nerve cure"). Saki, a master of the short story, provides readers with numerous unanswered questions which leave the reader curious about the story and the characters. Here are some suggested questions one may have after reading the story. These questions add to the suspense the reader may feel when finishing the text. 

1) What caused Frampton's nervous condition? (Adds to the curiosity regarding his condition.)

2) Why does going to an unknown person's home a cure for a nervous condition? (Adds confusions.)

3) What is "sufficient silent communion?" (Forces reader to question.) 

4) Why does Saki repeat the fact that Vera is "self-possessed?" (Has reader questioning Vera.) 

5) Why does Vera bring up the window? (May not seem important to the reader.) 

6) Why does Vera act like she does? (Is she bored or a bad person?)