What is UMAT?

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The initials UMAT can stand for several things, but given the "Health" category specified with the question, it stands for Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test, the standardized exam used by Australia and New Zealand for use in selecting applicants for some medical courses like optometry and dentistry.  According to the UMAT website, the test was developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research on behalf of the UMAT universities.  The exam is applied for those entering college, not those graduating and seeking admission to graduate-level medical school.  As with standardized entrance exams at American universities, preparation courses are offered for the UMAT.  

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UMAT is the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test. This test helps select students for programs of medicine, dentistry, and health science degree programs at a level below graduate school. This test helps to assess," critical thinking, problem solving, understanding people and abstract and non-verbal reasoning." 

The UMAT is made up of 3 sections and is normally only offered to students, who wish to study in health career degree programs, once a year. 


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