What is Ulrich von Gradwitz doing in the forest on a winter night?

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On a winter night, Ulrich von Gradwitz patrols the forest looking for his enemy, Georg Znaeym. Gradwitz hopes that he can kill his enemy and finally put an end to the generational feud that has plagued his family for years.

The text tells us that the von Gradwitz land is greatly prized and well-stocked with game. However, the ownership of a narrow strip of woodland amidst the acreage is disputed by the Znaeym family. Georg believes that the woodland in question belongs to his family, while Ulrich maintains that Georg's family has no legal right to the land.

In the days of their grandfathers, a lawsuit had led to the court's decision to bequeath the disputed piece of woodland to the von Gradwitz family. The Znaeym family, however, never acquiesced to that decision. Ever since that fateful day, a series of poaching offenses by the Znaeym family (particularly by Georg) has angered Ulrich von Gradwitz.

On a cold, tempestuous winter night, Ulrich is patrolling the forest looking for an opportunity to kill his sworn enemy, Georg Znaeym.

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