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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given that Sam is getting all his own food, it is not surprising that he makes a lot of different kinds of traps.  Among the kinds of traps that he makes are:

  • Snares.  These are traps where a cord of some sort tightens around some part of an animal when it tries to move away.  Typically, the animal is lured in by food or the snare is set in an area where animals walk a lot.
  • Box traps.  Traps where a box falls on the animal, trapping it.
  • Dead falls.  These are similar to box traps, except that something falls on the animal and kills it.
  • Figure four traps.  This is one particular kind of a dead fall trap with a triggering mechanism shaped something like the numeral "4."
  • Pit traps.  A trap where a pit is dug and covered with branches and leaves to disguise it.  When an animal steps on to the covering, it gives way.  The pit must, of course, be too deep for the animal to jump back out.