How much education was available to women in colonial times?

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If you are talking about colonial times in what is now the United States, the answer is that there was very little in the way of formal education available to women.

In early colonial times, there was not much in the way of public education.  The New England colonies did have some schools, but even in those schools the only education that girls received was reading (so they could read the Bible) and needlework.  In other colonies, there was less in the way of education.  As the link below points out, even in New England, only about 30% of women were able to read and write.

Some upper class women could become pretty well educated, but not through schools.  Women like these might learn a great deal from their parents' libraries, for example.   Abigail Adams was one example of a colonial woman who became pretty well educated in this way.

Overall, then, there was very little formal education available to any women in the colonies.

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