Globalization and Technological Advancements

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What are types of operational conflicts that occur in an international context because of different cultural attitudes?

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Cultural clashes, misunderstandings, and outright oppressive behaviors can often occur as a result of a globalized economy, particularly one in which the the businesses of the Global North dominates and oppresses the Global South. There are numerous ways in which people from different cultures can misunderstand or inadvertently offend one another. Someone from a culture where people talk very close to each other, touching often and casually asking personal questions, may accidentally offend someone from a culture where professional interactions are often more conservative and reserved. Conversely, someone who is used to operating in a reserved manner when speaking with an unfamiliar person may come off as cold or rude to a person from a more relaxed culture. Kissing on the cheek as part of a greeting can be totally normal for someone of France, while an American may view the custom as crossing personal boundaries unless direct consent is given. Conflicts can arise from these types of...

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