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What are the types of operating system and their advantages and disadvantages?

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There are actually thousands of different operating systems for personal computers, but in terms of common use, there are three main categories: Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, and Linux, each having their advantages and disadvantages. 


For compatibility, Windows is probably the best operating system, since so many people use it around the world. Windows is a popular system among businesses and there is a lot of software written for Windows machines. Also, Windows runs on many different brands of hardware, so the user has a lot of choice in this area. Microsoft is prompt about updating the system. Finally, because of the popularity, many open source software programs are available for a donation to Windows users. 

One problem with this kind of popularity is that people who write computer viruses are more likely to write them for Windows systems than for other systems. Another disadvantage to Windows is that the operating system tends to take a lot of resources on the machines,...

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