What types of conflict are present in Louis Sachar's Holes: man versus self, man versus man, or man versus society?

Holes contains all of the common types of conflict, including man versus society, man versus nature, man versus man, and man versus self.

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Stanley Yelnats, the main character of Holes, experiences all of these types of conflict through the novel. This is just one example of each type of conflict, but there are many other examples in the novel.

From the omniscient narrator, the reader learns about Camp Green Lake, a dried-up Texas lakebed that frequently reaches ninety-five degrees and is home to rattlesnakes, scorpions, and yellow-spotted lizards. These elements of nature are what the boys of Camp Green Lake must battle with to “dig a hole every day in the hot sun” (chapter 2). This is an example of a conflict between man and nature.

We also quickly meet Stanley, who is “from a poor family” (chapter 2) and “overweight” (chapter 3). He is being sent to Camp Green Lake for a crime that he did not commit. At Camp Green Lake, they believe that if a “bad boy” digs a hole every day, it turns him into a “good boy” (chapter 2). Even though Stanly is innocent, he is sent to camp and must fulfill his punishment....

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