What types of Maths are used in Football?

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Football, and most other sports, use measures of central tendencies extensively. Most people know these as mean, median, mode, and range. Whenever you look at a players stats, you are viewing their average and range (high and lows). This is basic math. However, if you are looking at the flight of an object, baseball, football, soccer ball, then you are using higher math, like algebra, trigonometry, and geometry. Some physics is also being used to determine the flight of these objects.

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Statistics obviously comes to mind: weighted averages, averages, mode, median, and range. 

If you are looking at the motion of the football then Newtonian Mechanics from physics with some basic algebra skills can help you determine velocity, velocity upon impact, the parabolic trajectory, and the amount of force necessary to always score from a certain distance. 

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Angle, average and range such as high and low

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