What types of leaders are generally found in any particular company, as in terms of the following or other leadership styles? http://vectorstudy.com/management-topics/types-of-leadership...

What types of leaders are generally found in any particular company, as in terms of the following or other leadership styles?



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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most prestigious universities in the United States offer undergraduate and graduate-level programs in business management and leadership.  Both the Harvard Business School and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania offer such programs, with emphases on leadership abilities.  The reason for this is simple: absent effective leadership skills, no business is likely to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Managers and leaders – leadership can be demonstrated below the management level – vary greatly depending upon levels of training, personality and disposition, and resources available to address problems and ensure a cordial working environment.  Managers are, after all, human, and their ability to demonstrate leadership abilities is a function of multiple variables.  In general, however, the leaders within a company are those who have consistently demonstrated competency in executing the requirements of their positions, have demonstrated a superior ability to communicate both up and down chains of command, are willing to take risks for the benefit of the company, and often possess entrepreneurial skills that appeal to higher-ups. 

In addition to possessing superior communications abilities and to having demonstrated competency in executing assigned tasks, leaders understand how to motivate subordinates and how to function in a team environment.  They are decisive and able to grasp the intricacies of complex situations, and they understand budgets and balance sheets.   All of these are requisite management skills in a major corporation.  Management and leadership, however, are not always the same thing, even in the corporate world.  Leaders are competent, confident, decisive, and knowledgeable, and they command the respect of their peers.  Not all managers are good leaders, and not all leaders are promoted to management rank.  The more successful human resources people and corporate heads, however, have a talent for spotting leadership abilities and promoting them to the proper level within the organization.