What types and forms of artwork were produced during the Late Middle Ages time period that provide information about the clothing?

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In Late Middle Ages art we witness a total detour from the Romanesque and Byzantine influences. Instead, this period marks the first influences of the future Renaissance, which immediately succeeded the LMA era. 

Art is meant to imitate life, which is why it is such a powerful primary source. This being said, it is through art mainly where we get the true visual representations that include daily dynamics, events, wardrobe, religion, and diet among other things. 

As the predecessor of the Renaissance, the LMA already achieved tremendous leaps that moved it forward. These include:

  • metal works (bronze statues) and sculptures
  • stained glass windows depicting Pietistic imagery, courtier interaction, or symbols
  • illuminated paintings and scriptures (which began in the late part of the early middle ages)
  • pottery
  • tapestry, embroidery, engravings
  • frescoes and mosaic

A wonderful example is the Bayeux Tapestry, which clearly depicts the Norman invasion of England and the Battle of Hastings. That tapestry alone depicts the dress of the knights and soldiers, it features three females dressed in the fashion of the time, the transportation, the surroundings and the situational context that propelled the commission of the tapestry itself. 

Therefore, as a primary source, art is the best source of evidence of how life was back in time. Fortunately for us, the LMA saw the most amazing successes in design and in the application of technique. 

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