What types of figurative language are used in "The Pedestrian"?

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Ray Bradbury uses several types of figurative language, often to create strong visual images but also employing other senses. Metaphor is prominent among these, and he often uses extended metaphors. He also employs similes, sometimes in the same sentence. Dialogue combined with irony dominate the latter part of the story.

Describing the walks that Leonard Mead takes, the narrator compares the neighborhoods he traverses to a graveyard, saying that his trip “was not unequal to walking through a graveyard” and that “gray phantoms seemed to manifest” themselves on the homes’ interior walls.” This metaphor is combined with a simile, as the narrator calls the buildings “tomb-like.”

The narrator also refers metaphorically to the actions of the cold winter air, saying that the frost “cut the lungs” and “made them blaze”; using cold and fire together is also an oxymoron.

Describing the urban landscape, the narrator uses several more metaphors. The busy daytime traffic makes the...

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