Island of the Blue Dolphins Questions and Answers
by Scott O'Dell

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What types of figurative language is used in Island of the Blue Dolphins"?

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The most predominant type of figurative language is Karana's standard use of metaphor to describe her surroundings.  She teases her brother for doing this very thing in Chapter 1, but the reader soon learns that Karana uses metaphor often and naturally as a part of her normal speech patterns. She also uses personification, especially of animals, to describe her time alone. The animals she "adopts" as pets during her years on the island become her family, and she describes them as individuals with thoughts and feelings who regard her actions as people would.

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kempamber | Student

Island of the Blue Dolphins' figurative language gives the reader insight and foreshadowing throughout Karana's journey. Many smilies and metaphors are made about the connection to the ocean, "the sea is smooth... it is a flat stone without any scratches." This metaphor is illustrating the peacefulness of the sea and the times that are had. However, as the book continues times are not so easy and the sea is not so smooth.

When Karana tries to go out to see on her canoe, she is defeated after many days. Dolphins arrive next to her, quitting and swimming beside her back to her island. This signifies hope as well as peace coming to her journey.

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similies and metaphors