What types of drugs are considered to be in the Schedule 1 category?

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Schedule 1 drugs are the drugs that are considered to be the most dangerous drugs for human beings.  These are the drugs that may not be possessed, manufactured, or distributed in almost any circumstances in the United States.  In order for a drug to be classified in Schedule 1, it must meet the following criteria:

First, these drugs must not have any currently accepted medical use.  This criterion is one reason why there is controversy over the fact that marijuana is listed in Schedule 1.  There are many who feel that marijuana has medical uses and therefore should not be in this schedule.

Second, these drugs must have a high potential for abuse.  That means, for example, that they must be addictive and harmful to people.

In short, these drugs are supposed to be the ones that are very bad for people and which have no redeeming value.  This is why they are so strongly banned.  There are a large number of these drugs, with some of the best-known ones being marijuana, LSD, heroin, and ecstasy. 

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those that are not considered legitimate for medical use like heroin, marijana and LSD, BZP, DMT, ecstasy